"Magic is what happens when you have encountered healing. It is the life-altering experiences of connecting with your inner self and the cosmos."

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About Us

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Lubna Panwwar

I reach out to those who are in agony - be it mental, physical or spiritual. With the help of divine Masters, I heal and guide explaining the interconn.ection of mind, body, and soul. Physical ailments are often an extension of mental attitudes and soul longings which a person is unaware of.

Where medical science falters, mind wavers and the soul is in turmoil, then the healer steps in to correct the imbalances and bring relief and ultimately release from suffering. Experience the change and blossoming well being of holistic healing.

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Rajeswari Sundar

I am a natural healer. I worked as a teacher for 28 years and took voluntary retirement to go entirely into healing. I heal people who have physical and emotional issues. I also help with karmic corrections which is the root cause of physical, emotional and mental ailments.

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Sangeeta Kapur

I am a graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, who has always been interested in numerology for the past many years. Numerology helps bring about harmony and a feeling of well being by synchronizing the various numbers in your life with your birth number and helps you to choose your essential and lucky numbers. I use Numerology as a tool to go to your karmic chart so that Karmic Healing takes place.

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Customer Reviews

Most of our clients prefer to keep their name confidential due to personal reasons. Hence the reviews do not contain their real name.

"In November 2017 my gallbladder surgery led to severe pain and internal bleeding. To check this, a stent was placed in my abdomen. This stent was to be removed by another operation. 

In the meantime, my sister in law got in touch with Sai Kkrripa healing and asked them to heal me. Just in two days, I became well, and the pain vanished entirely.

When the doctor checked me, he discovered that there was no need for surgery as the stent had flushed out while passing motion. In medical science, this is next to impossible.
I became fit enough to attend Swami's birthday!

I thank Sai Kkrripa healing for healing me and bringing back happiness in my family."

"My husband was beset by irrational fears and mental disturbances.


This led to his becoming a recluse, refusing to go to the office or seeing anyone. Medicines, psychiatry, and hypnosis were of no use to cure him.

Looking for alternative healing, I chanced upon Sai Kkrripa healing and took the forty days healing offered. They did the healing and counselled me at times. Within the stipulated time my husband's condition improved and today he is happy and healthy both in mind and body."

"I had chronic depression for years to the extent that I was subjected to electric shocks. At a friend's recommendation, I approached Sai Kkrripa healing website. They healed me for forty days. At the end of it, my electric shocks were totally terminated, and my medication reduced considerably.

Today I am a happy person spending quality time with my family. 

It has been two years since I took any medication or electric shocks."

"My father was bedridden for nearly two months when I approached Sai Kkrripa to heal him.


Their healing was immediately effective, and within a span of few days, he was able to walk around the house and ultimately climb stairs which were beyond his ken for years.


I am grateful to Sai Kkripa healing for curing him of his multiple ailments."

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